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Archon was begun by an original group of close friends from an older raiding guild. We are proud to say that we have and can achieve focused raiding with a very enjoyable, family-like environment. We recognize that it is the friendships forged as a group that makes the group stronger for its raiding aspects. Enjoying your environment, learning to work together, and learning to improve together is the key to raiding success. As such, our "family", as it were, is close, relies on each other, and never fails to back each other up.
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by Amarndeus, 77 days ago

Greetings all! Thank you very much for coming to visit us here! Unfortunately the guild has moved on to a new Website!

Please contact one of our members on game to get directions to our new website! We apologize for any inconvenience!

Thank you all and see you in game!


(Message posted September 20, 2016)

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March to the Legion: M Fel Lord & M Tyrant~

by Amarndeus, 131 days ago

Greetings everyone! We hope all are well after the Pre-Legion patch! We are determined to continue pushing forward and forward we have pushed! Last week, week one, of the new patch we finished up the last 16% of the commanding Fel Lord Zakuun! This week on night one we made a march to the Tyrant Velhari to finish the final 24% we had left last week as well! Both kills came swiftly and we plan to continue forging towards the new expansion! Excellent effort everyone and more to come!

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Hail Mythic Mary: M Iskar Plucked~

by Amarndeus, 176 days ago

Greetings everyone! Once again we are excited to announce our teams defeat of the Mythic Shadow Lord Iskar! After spending the remaining 30 minutes of a night last week to bring him down to 43% we were able to easily come in this evening and clean up the remainder. They key was managing the two sets of chains and finishing with an all out force onto Iskar himself. With solid interrupts and dispels we quickly added Iskar to our list! Fantastic perseverance everyone and lets keep the momentum going! Fel Lord Zakuun's last 55% incoming!!!

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