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Archon was begun by an original group of close friends from an older raiding guild. We are proud to say that we have and can achieve focused raiding with a very enjoyable, family-like environment. We recognize that it is the friendships forged as a group that makes the group stronger for its raiding aspects. Enjoying your environment, learning to work together, and learning to improve together is the key to raiding success. As such, our "family", as it were, is close, relies on each other, and never fails to back each other up.
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Heroic Thok: Unblocked~

by Amarndeus, 177 days ago

Good evening everyone! Excellent news tonight with another great stride into the final heroic encounters of the last tier! As of tonight the team has run up and cool-downed to defeat the Heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty encounter! We progressed through this fight fairly quickly getting the bare bones of our strategy down. Ultimately our success came from altering our raid composition and have an excellent cooldown rotation that led to a kill! Excellent job everyone in making a great effort to keep pushing forward! Final 3 I N C!!!

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Defiled Victory: Heroic Malkorok Defeated!~

by Amarndeus, 199 days ago

Good evening everyone! Excellent news this evening as the group has stamped our foothold into the first bosses in the back half of Siege! Damage was high and all we needed was good coverage for a swift kill. After a long grind on Spoils, Malkorok proved to require much less coordination and once we did get our positioning he fell very quickly. Awesome effort from everyone on the team and lets keep on pushing forward!

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Heroicly Spoiled! Heroic Spoils of Pandaria Clear~

by Amarndeus, 212 days ago

Greetings everyone! Apologies for the late post however we have excellent news from last night as the team has made a shove into the back half of the heroic Siege of Orgrimmar content! Spoils was a daunting task of allocation for each team that required just the right recipe. As soon as we landed on the perfect composition the fight went down without a hitch! Excellent job everyone and lets keep up the fantastic work!!!

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